Posted By on July 29, 2014

Coming Home {can be such a drag}

Posted By on July 18, 2014

We’ve been home from our hometown vacation for two days and already the kids have been mourning the loss of their freedom to roam all over Grammie’s huge backyard. Apparently our measly lot doesn’t lend well to exploring and adventuring and they’re ready to just pack up and move to Ohio if it means the same level of completely unsupervised play that they went and got used to. I don’t really blame them for holding the place so dear in their hearts. After all, we crammed a lot into those two weeks and coming home is always a bit of a let down.

I’ve heard a million times about all the things they miss . . .

Cousins. All the cousins they could possibly wish for.

Holding the littlest cousin. Miss E would still be over there holding him and poor Tater couldn’t understand why we couldn’t bring him home.

Partying hard. Especially with glow necklaces and balloons.

Zip lines in grandparent’s backyards. Which also goes along hand in hand with partying hard.

Their fancy new room at Grammie’s.
(Before & After, our room on top, kids room on bottom. Still works in progress but so nice to come “home” to.)

Taking naps in the new bunk beds.

Playing with all of Papa’s awesome toys, and earning those naps.

Eating out a million times more than we do at home.

Trying all sorts of new food brought home from a morning at the most wonderful market.
(Cleveland’s West Side Market. Makes me miss Russian markets, and hate Charlottesville markets at the same time.)

Playing on the newly redone tire swing at Grammie’s. Over and over and over again.
(I’d put this at the top of the list of things they miss, since I’ve heard about how we need a tire swing eleventy million times already today.)

I haven’t told them exactly how long it will be before we head back up there. If I had, they’d be swarming the calendar and counting down for the next six weeks.


The Fourth {and the fifth}

Posted By on July 5, 2014

Yesterday, we had the obligatory burger cookout, put on our patriotic colors and stayed up way too late watching a bunch of these . . .

Happy Fourth of July from the holiday grinch that only celebrates things anymore to make sure the kids have those happy childhood memories.

Then came today. As most of the nation continued making things go boom, we found out who the biggest kid in the bunch is.

Spoiler, it’s Papa.

As early evening fireworks sounded throughout the neighborhood, we all got in the spirit when he pulled out an old toy cannon.

Here’s to the Fourth and the Fifth. May you all make it through the entire weekend with nary a burn and all ten fingers still attached.

The Annual Clean Out

Posted By on June 28, 2014

The husband and I are sprawled, near dead from exhaustion, on our respective couches tonight. Moving even so much as to grab the remote seems like a task too much to bother with. My feet are killing me, there’s a nice sunburn smoldering on my shoulders and I should really hobble upstairs and take a shower.

Yep. It was garage sale day today.

We’ve held a garage sale nearly every summer since starting a family. After moving to the Little Blue House, we found out how much of a pain holding a garage sale is when you don’t actually have a garage. For at least a week, our dining room, already tiny in the first place, turns into a holding area for boxes and bins and random pieces of furniture. This time, we spent quite a few nights eating our family dinners around the craft table in the playroom.

Bright and early, it all has to get hauled outside through the front door. With each heavy tote, I long for the days we’d just set up ahead of time and roll up the garage door in the morning. Instead, I stand on the driveway with things scattered around me at 6am and work furiously to put it all out. Despite the advertised start time of 8am, there are still people pulling up at 6:30am. The husband chastises me every time I hiss at them under my breath, but really? Really? Each year I start earlier and earlier, waiting to put our signs out until the very last minute, but the vultures are always there. Maybe it’s the early hour, or the frustration with the lack of respect, but I really have to try hard not to deck the ones that huff and puff as they step around me while I set up for something that isn’t supposed to start for an hour and a half.

Other than the beginning, today went above and beyond our expectations. After starting with a driveway completely full (I swear the things that live in our attic multiply like bunnies over the course of a year), we ended the day with just a stroller, a bike trailer and two tote bins of leftovers to deal with. Not bad at all. The girls ran their lemonade stand and bake sale, selling out before the morning was over and raking in the cash. We had people that remembered stopping by in years past, neighbors we only see once or twice a year wondering if we were moving, new residents filling their houses and old friends coming to say hi. Not a single was tear shed over toys leaving, only a few cups of lemonade spilled and we managed to all end the day smiling.

And I have my dining room back.

Total success.

Vacation {in pictures, finally}

Posted By on June 25, 2014

After a week and a half at home, all of the laundry is finally done and put away. We’ve stopped finding sand in odd places, our tans are fading a bit, and the thought of ending the day without a sunset over the balcony doesn’t sting as much. Until next time, we’ll go back over the pictures and videos, knowing how much the beach holds our hearts.