Hey Brother {and all things boyish}

Posted By on January 14, 2015

“Hey Baby ZZ. Dis a taxi caaaaar and it go suuuuuuper faaaaast and theeeeen, the motorcycle man, he juuuuuumps over the bridge and here look, Baby ZZ! Lookit the red train, Baby ZZ!!”


When I had MJ, I thought it was just the coolest thing to be raising sisters, ready to watch them do all sorts of sister things. Now that ZZ is here, seeing the excitement that Tatey has for sharing things with him, sharing all of his “boy” knowledge that he’s gained in three short years, I’m just as excited. I hear daily about how Tatey is going to share his motorcycle and his helmet and all his favorite shoes (which, let’s be honest, those boy shoes are never going to make it to a second kid). Perhaps it’s just finding a bit of control over the situation, but the amount of joy he gets from dictating which possessions will convey is immeasurable.

We’ve never been over the top in regards to which toys are for boys and which are for girls, and yet, here is the most boyish of all little boys, dreaming of sharing everything boyish with this new brother. It’s beyond interesting to watch unfold, the offering up of trucks and trains and superheros, never once reaching for the princesses or dainty dolls. Perhaps I’m putting a bit too much stock in nature versus nurture, but around here, nature seems to be running strong. I can’t wait to watch them grow up together and witness the completely different bond between brothers compared to their sisters.

Aside from the inevitable wrestling in the house. That, I’m not really looking forward to.

Two Months {for baby z}

Posted By on January 12, 2015

Now that I’m two months old I . . .

belly laugh when tickled

still roll to my back

weigh nearly 14lbs

love baths

adore my brother

and have my sisters wrapped around my pinky

Three Hundred Sixty Five {bad ideas}

Posted By on January 8, 2015

Some time just before midnight on New Year’s eve, I had the brilliant idea to actually go ahead with a resolution for the year. Not one to ever really stick to them, I thought that surely the idea that popped into my head would be an easy one to carry through. I’ve done it before, multiple times, and enjoyed the heck out of the process.

Three hundred and sixty five pictures. One for each day of the year.

I used to be diligent on this idea. Years are documented thanks to whomever thought it up, way back when everyone was on Flickr and no one had ever heard of Instagram. My dslr got a daily workout and my skills improved over those thousands of shots. Then came the cellphone camera and killed the whole thing. At least, for me it did. I was discouraged with myself for settling for those quick fix, grainy pictures. None of my 365 pictures required any thought, just a flip of my thumb and a tap on one button. It wasn’t what I set out to do with the whole project years before and slowly my interest fizzled. There’s a year back there somewhere that was half finished and it took a good six months for me to get over my personal failure.

Now that I have a glorious, brand spanking new, super fancy, big girl camera . . . I decided to give myself a little more motivation to pick it up on a daily basis. Enter the grand midnight idea. Sure I could take a picture with it every day. Why not?

Instead of wrapping the first full week of the new year with a completely stuck-to resolution, I’ll settle for a fifty percent grade on effort. Little did I know that I would find myself dead tired from solo parenting these four hoodlums while the husband jetted off to Singapore for work, peppering the week with a diagnosis of RSV for the baby, a cat to be put to sleep, and single digit temperatures trapping us all huddled under blankets. I love all the pictures I ended up with, but have readjusted my goals on this project already. For one, though he may be irresistibly cute, I’m going to have to try and give everyone else besides the baby a little screen time. At least down to fifty percent for him and divvy up the rest. And two? PUT DOWN THE CELL PHONE CAMERA.

I (realistically) look forward to beating myself up about failing in about three months . . .








A Solid Decade {of love}

Posted By on January 1, 2015

10 years ago, I married my best friend.

Ten. Whole. Years.

This here is the part where I would fill the page with sap over where the years have gone and how wonderful life is together. . . if I wasn’t completely exhausted from packing up the car with two weeks worth of clothes, presents, supplies, animal stuff, food, and toys. I’d have a lot more to say if I wasn’t typing this out with one hand on my phone while holding a congested baby and fretting that he won’t sleep enough for me to keep my eyes open behind the wheel on the drive home from Ohio to Virginia in the morning. If only, if only . . . if only this life that we’ve spent ten years building wasn’t filling up all the minutes left in the day . . .

But that’s how it is and we did indeed build it all. Little by little, each moment filled up with the love that has only grown with every passing year. It isn’t perfect and it isn’t always pretty, but it’s ours to gaze upon with wonder. I’m happy, he’s happy, and we do our very best to keep these four little souls happy. All I can hope for is to look back at the next ten years and say the same thing.

(I told everyone that all I wanted out of this day was a family picture, one I could mark the decade with. They all promised to participate. Afterwards, I went ahead and chose the shot that makes me laugh the most. We don’t always get that perfect shot. Sometimes it’s the one with the scowls and frowns and far-off gazes that captures the day the best and anything else would have been just a lie. So here’s to real life, frozen on ‘film’ forever.)

The Tradition Goes On {and on and on}

Posted By on December 22, 2014

Once upon a time, I thought it would be a good idea to take an epic Christmas picture.

Just once turned into every year . . .

And now, continuing on with that crazy tradition I started five years ago . . .

This year’s Christmas card picture was thought up, prepped for, executed, edited, and sent off to be printed within 48 hours. I’ve never been one to work well under pressure, but apparently having a newborn around trumps everything and “just good enough” is actually good enough. This year was fun, complete with laughter and a jolly good time after the picture was taken. Not a single tear was shed, nor were any teeth gnashed or tempers flared. I believe I’ve redeemed myself in the husband’s eyes from the stress of all the years past and he may actually not dread this time next year. It might not be my favorite (nothing will top the one from 2012), but it’s one I love just the same.

So, from our family to yours . . . in virtual card form . . . Merry Christmas!