The Stories Are Still Shouting To Be Heard

A few days ago, Miss E turned ten. An entire decade of this parenting job and I still have no idea what I’m doing most of the time. A stroll down memory lane started as I went to make her annual birthday picture and all of a sudden ten years of little stories and memories were jumping from these pages at me. The fact that it’s been nearly an entire year since I found words that I felt were worth sharing highlights such a glaring gap in all those memories and the fire has been lit once again. The narrative has definitely changed, growing and stretching as these kids age into their own words and take possession of their presence. Despite needing to learn to tread on that delicate balance, I can only hope that I’ll find my voice that I let go quiet and weave at least a few more years of our little tale.

Picking back up where I left off is nearly impossible, so a bit of catch up seems only necessary . . .

For starters, I’ll have to add another bio to the sidebar soon, as we’re about to have a little tie-breaker in the house come July. The kids are all thrilled, votes are in for a brother or sister, and the husband and I are stuck with an empty list of names. As usual. We’ve sized up on the car, relishing in the elbow room before installing an infant seat, and scheduled construction on an addition for the Little Blue House, which is rightly bursting at the seams.

It’s been a year since our great trip to the other side of the world, which I never could bring myself to write about, fearing I’d never capture the awe we felt every day at being lucky enough to experience such a thing. Perhaps some day I’ll get to it, as goodness knows I’ve stored up plenty of entertaining bits from that. After we returned, the husband finished up his time working in Singapore and is now much closer to home. We get him here three days a week, and he’s within “please come save me” phone call distance on the other days. So far the arrangement is working well, allowing us to keep on keeping on in our favorite little community and let the kids stay in their wonderful school. Down the road, who knows, but life is good right now.

The kids are growing like absurd weeds. Literally. Miss E is just about my height and the others are intent on following suit. We wrapped up a school year worth of hockey lessons, toughening them up week by week, still get to watch MJ in gymnastics for a bit longer, and are looking forward to a summer free of plans. Next year brings fifth grade, third grade, and kindergarten! Poor ZZ has to wait a bit before he can start preschool, but we just aren’t mentioning that to him for the time being. Hopefully he’ll be plenty busy enjoying big brother status by the time fall rolls around.

Going forward, we’re cramming in a bit of travel before buckling down for the homestretch of waiting. After that, hopefully all the waiting will lend me enough time to stretch my words and practice weaving them once again, see if I can get back in the habit before sleep deprivation hits hard. (Who am I kidding, I haven’t slept in ten years. There is no such thing as sleep deprivation at this point.)

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  1. what a pleasant surprise to open my reader and see your wonderful words! you have a gift for writing. and photo taking. and pretty much anything you set your mind to. such a joy to look at you go!

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